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Main topics of current research (and image gallery) :

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  • Near-field Scanning Microscopy of Nanomaterials
    • Theory for mechanisms of imaging in Near-Field Microscopy
    • Nanocharacterization of Plasmonics and Photonics devices
    • NSOM for 2DLM heterostructures
  • Nanoscience Group at Alumni Reunion Picnic on 7/1/2017: (1st and 2nd rows) Nick Selan, A Wonderful Boy with Mrs Selan, Andrew Snyder, Stacy Snyder, A New IDEAL Major, Slava V. Rotkin, Sarah and Ben Sofka, Kelly and Michael Blades, Tetyana Ignatova, Xiaoji G. Xu, Wenxin Huang, Xinyi Li, Zhongrui Liu, Grace Sun (REU/UIUC), Le Wang; (bottom row) A Wonderful Girl, A New ChemE Major, Unique J. Divine (REU/Susquehanna), Eugene Korsukov (REU/Peter's the Great Politechnical), Haomin Wang, Ding Zhang (Left to Right).
  • Electronics and Photonics with 2-Dimensional Layered Materials
    • Novel devices and circuits based on 2DLMs
    • Physics of interfaces in 2DLM heterostructures
    • 2DLM based sensors
  • group picture 2017
  • Confocal Scanning Microscopy of Nanocarbon Materials
    • Raman and Magneto-Raman Analysis for Graphene
    • Metrology of Graphene Strain and Doping
  • Nanoscience Group at Alumni Reunion Picnic on 7/16/16: Ding Zhang, Sarah and Ben Sofka, Kelly and Michael Blades, Angela Albrecht, Ian Crawley, A Wonderful Girl, Tetyana Ignatova, Slava V. Rotkin, Kaithlyn Rodriguez, Another Wonderful Girl, A Wonderful Boy, Dan You and Chao Zhao, Wenxin Huang, a junior from Rain-Forests, A Third Wonderful Girl with Nick Selan, Stacy Snyder, Another Wonderful Boy with Mrs Selan, Andrew Snyder (Left to Right)
  • Quantum Electrodynamics of Nanocarbon Materials
    • Transmission Line Model Analysis for Nanotube Microwave Impedance Microscopy
    • Plasmonics of Graphene-Graphene Nanostructures
    • Near-Field (Antenna) Effects in Nanotube Complexes
    • Plasmonics and Photonics for Near-Field Microscopy
  • 1st group picture 2016
  • Soft Matter Physics and Nanoscale Complexes in Water
    • Solvation of Rare-Earth Ions
    • Nanoscale Complexes in Water Solutions
    • Optics of Functionalized Nanotubes
    • Microfluidics
  • Summer Kick-off: (Nanoscience Group at Physics Picnic on 6/4/16): Dr. Tetyana Ignatova, Ms. Wenxin Huang, Slava V. Rotkin, Ms. Destiny Pounds (JSU), Ms. Mallory deCampos-Stairiker (U of Portland), Mr. Joseph Holland (San Diego State U),
    (bottom row) a junior from Wales, Mr. Jack Michaelis (Moravian Academy HS), Mr. Michael Primrose (Left to Right)
  • Nano-Bio-Physics
    • Long-Term Impact of Nanotube Materials on Neural Stem Cells
    • DNA/RNA SWNT internalization in live cells
    • Toxicity of Functionalized Nanotube Materials
    • DNA Autoionization and Non-radiative Exciton Recombination in SWNTs
  • 1st group picture 2016
  • Aspects of Many-Body Physics of Nanotubes
    • Excitons in Nanotubes
    • Localized Excitons in the Field of Impurities
    • Quantum Capacitance of Nanotubes
    • Theory of Electronic Structure of SWNT-DNA Hybrids
  • Nanoscience+BDSI Group on 8/2/15: Dr. Stacy Snyder, Slava V. Rotkin, Mr. Nick Selan (Moravian Academy), Ms. Rebecca Cimera (LU), Mr. Wes Pierre (LU), Ms. Kaitlyn Rodriguez (U of PA), Mr. Kevin Wang (PSU), Mr. Peter Stoeckl (U Rochester), Ms. Kabita Karki (LU), Mr. Michael Blades, Mr. Ben Sofka, Ms. Angela Albrecht (NCC), Mr. Benjamin Garber (Harvard), Ms. Kaitlyn Rodriguez and BDSI-Baby (NCC), Ms. Massooma Pirbhai, Ms. Sara Foroughiasl, Mr. Philip Vendola (LU)
    (bottom row) Mr. Anthony Hoover, Mr. Daniel Brown, Ms. Rodriguez, Jr. (Left to Right)
  • Physics of Two-Dimensional Layered Materials (TDLM) and Nanotubes
    • Optics of TDLM
    • Models for growth of single- and multi-layered graphene
  • group picture 2015
  • QED Kapitza Conductance of Nanocarbon Materials
    • Theory of Near-Field Kapitza Conductance in 1D, 2D, and 0D
    • Interfacial QED Heat Conductance for Nanotube Forest
  • Nanoscience Group (6/29/14): Dr. Tetyana Ignatova, Dr. Andrei M. Nemilentsau, a junior from Scotland, Slava V. Rotkin, Mr. Chao Zhao, Mr. Ben Sofka, Mr. Michael Blades, Ms. Dan You, Dr. Stacy Snyder, Dr. Andrew Snyder (Left to Right)
    group picture 2014

  • Fundamentals of Nanotube Theory: Physics, Materials Science, Engineering
    • Quantum terms in electronic cohesion energy of the DNA hybrids
    • Theory of van der Waals/Casimir Forces in 1D
    • Electronic Banstructure Calculations
    • Group Theory and Symmetry Breaking
    • Band Gap Engineering in Strong Electric Field
    • Hysteresis in Nanotube Transistors
  • Molecular Devices
    • Nanotube Based Light-Operated Molecular Electronic Switch (LOMES)
    • All Nanotube Electronic Circuits
  • Device Applications of Nanotubes
    • Nanoelectromechanical Systems: Nanotube NEMS Theory
    • Nanotube and Nanowire Field Effect Transistors
    • Nano-Optical Device Applications of Nanotubes
    • Nanotube Single Electron Memories
    • Nanotube Plastic Electronics
  • Nanotubes and Similar Structures
  • Energetics of Carbon Clusters
  • Physics of Fullerenes
    • Model of Spherical Shell Quantum Well
    • Collective Excitations (Plasmons) in Fullerenes
    • Plasmon-Frenkel-Exciton in Fullerenes
    • Van der Waals Interaction in Fullerenes
    • Frenkel Excitons in Carbon Clusters
  • Lamb-like QED shift of e-levels in nanoscale systems
  • Physics of Quantum Dots
  • Quantum Physics of Si MOSFETs
  • Nanoscience Group (7/31/12): Dr. Andrei M. Nemilentsau, Mr. Ben Sofka, Ms. Dan You, Dr. Ben Tayo, Dr. Tetyana Ignatova, Slava V. Rotkin, Mr. Chris Devulder, Ms. Massooma Pirbhai, Dr. Stacy Snyder, Mr. Ashish Shah, a junior from England (Left to Right)
    group picture

    Nanoscience Group (7/25/11): Mr. Ben Sofka, Ms. Massooma Pirbhai, Dr. Ben Tayo, Mr. Tom Flores, Tori Wiedorn, Alex Edelman, Mr. Chris Devulder, Mr. Michael Blades, and Slava V. Rotkin (Right to Left)
    group picture


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